Frequent Asked Questions

 “Rain Days” is a term you will here to define a non-working day in the construction of your home. Both indoor and outdoor tasks are affected by rain days. Each “Rain Day” adds a working day to your under-construction home, regardless of the construction stage it is in at the time.

This is dependent on which municipality you are having your house built in. It may be installed prior to closing or up 2 weeks after closing. Ask your sales counselor for the install date for your area

The purpose of the walk-through is to

  1. Show you the basic operation of your home
  2. Provide the necessary maintenance information
  3. Give you information on home warranty
  4. Look at the condition of your home to identify any cosmetic items needing repair. 

A copy of your color selections is provided to your superintendent prior to construction. In order to provide you with the most efficient service and the best new home value on the market, no changes are made to the color selections or plan after the start of construction.

Plan changes are changes that are made to the original floorplan by Platinum Landholdings Inc. Plan changes often occur and may occur in your home without notice to you. Model homes are not adapted to reflect plan changes made after their completion. Ask your sales counselor for the most current plan revisions that may affect your floorplan.

For your overall safety, as well as your home’s quality assurance and scheduling efficiency, any construction activity or modifications to the home by the homebuyer or an outside contractor are prohibited. Damaged items are repaired using industryaccepted methods for that component and will not affect the warranty on that component in any way. Sheetrock damage is common for homes under construction and will be repaired during the latter stage of construction.

The paint is applied in 3 stages: exterior primer and paint, interior latex and enamel, and final touch-up. The front and overhead garage doors come primed from the factory and are painted at the final touch-up stage. The painting stage in your new home is complete when it is inspected and accepted by you and your superintendent.

Seams are almost always visible, and light greatly affects the appearance of the seam. In a room with windows and/or glass doors on one wall and no light source on the other wall, the carpet seam is often highly visible because of a shadowing effect.

Chipping will occur on the surface of the concrete foundation during the construction process. The holes are filled in by the flooring contractor prior to applying the flooring. Holes are also installed in the foundation to secure the stair rail post. They are filled after the posts are installed. The chips and holes around the outside of the foundation are covered by plaster which is applied at approximately the same time the topsoil is installed.

Exposed bark, splits, knots and minor bows are characteristics of Number Two and Stud Grade lumber and should be expected. These characteristics do not affect the structural integrity of the frame and are inspected prior to sheetrock installation. Only lumber that does not conform to construction tolerances will be corrected. What happens if something is damaged in my home during construction? Some damage to previously installed components during the construction process is unavoidable.

If you have any questions about the construction of your home that are not covered in this FAQ, please contact your sales counselor or construction manager. 

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