Affordable Living

Affordable budget real estate projects, considering the changes in decisions that are being generated in the population due to the consequences of the pandemic.

Thinking about the actual needs

The main dream of a family is to be able to have their own home, adequate and comfortable, but many times this dream is shattered by the high prices that exist in the market and this is well known by our founder based on his experience in nonprofit committees.

We know that there are many situations that are lived daily and through Platinum Construction & Development Inc., we want to help families with limited resources, to be able to achieve the great dream of having a decent and affordable housing.

We comply with the norms and quality standards that these communities need, always putting ahead the basic needs that these may have such as: maintenance, energy quality and optimal conditions in the construction of each home, among others.

Recently we are living in times where our societies are divided by a lack of tolerance, values and ideologies that separate and discriminate, so our team has a great empathy and total responsibility with these projects, putting their professional dedication to the maximum to create top quality homes with prices affordable to all.

Our commitment is to be able to effectively solve the construction and creation of comfortable homes in communities where there is no inequality or social discrimination and transform the lives of many families, creating decent homes for each family.

With our contribution in each affordable real estate project, we want to promote positive changes that impact our society, that generate solidarity changes with equality and unity. 

We invite you to be part of this great experience where we not only promote the construction of homes, but we also focus on eradicating poverty, helping to improve lives, providing security and accessibility; and above all we focus on taking care of lives, through our homes so that each family that lives there has a better quality of life where they can face the challenges of tomorrow with greater peace of mind and be able to have a better sustainable future.

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