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The Houston Market is becoming one of the favorite destinations for those looking for a beautiful home. This city is one of the good examples of a booming housing market. It provides healthy and secured real estate profile for local and even foreign partners.

Houston has everything: the people, the diversity, the business climate, being world renowned in energy, medicine, space, and manufacturing. So, if you are looking to develop in the Houston housing market, then you are on the right track.

The Houston housing market offers plenty of choices and also amazing prices for properties and it is a good time to select Houston

  • #1 Market in the US for Job Creation
  • 4th largest city in the US.
  • 5%-20% below current fair market value..
  • 3-year appreciation forecast of 10.5%.

Houston, Texas has a population of over 2.2 million people, and it is the largest city in the state of Texas, and also it is the 4th most populous city in America. State demographers estimate that Texas’ population will double to more than 54 million people by 2050 and a lot of it will be concentrated in the big metropolises including Houston.

Houston is a popular city in the US with thriving business culture, fashion, sport, research, technology, education and many other things. Houston is also the city with the fourth tallest skyline in the US.

All these amazing factors make Houston to accommodate millions of tourists and visitors every year and which simultaneously allow Houston real estate market to boom. This is the first reason to build and develop projects in the Houston real estate market.

Considering the Houston real estate is a perfect idea because there is a lot of variety of properties available to development partners. Houston has extremely good business infrastructure and residential housing costs provide an operating cost advantage to everyone.

There are many acres of land available, and there is a lot of movement going on in the real estate sector in Houston which makes it an ideal real estate market where you can easily find old and new properties in the market. Whatever type of real estate solution you’re looking for, you can easily find a lot of properties in the Houston housing market.

Do you want to acquire commercial properties, new home buildings, ancient home buildings? Whatever you want to, Houston real estate will take you there. This is another good reason to develop in Houston real estate market.

Another reason is that Houston housing market is that of the booming and expanding trade. One of the reasons why people migrate to a certain place is international trade and ease of business, and Houston has the largest US port regarding total cargo tonnage handled. Even for the waterborne tonnage, makes it the busiest port in the US when it comes to foreign trade.

The port in Houston employs lots of workers, and this port also attracts numerous business people, travelers from around the world every year and all these people need a place to stay in either temporary or permanent housing. This is where real estate developers come in! You can easily rent out a property or even sell to the foreigners who are always in Houston for business.

The Houston region is one of the most important industrial bases in the world and ranks No. 2 in manufacturing GDP in the U.S. It has the largest medical complex in the world, the Texas Medical Center, which provides clinical health care, research and education at its 58 institutions.

Houston has more than 1,760 life sciences and biotechnology companies, cutting-edge hospitals, health facilities and research institutions. Houston is the U.S. energy headquarters and a world center for virtually every segment of the oil and gas industry from exploration and production to marketing and technology. Houston is home to 6,400 manufacturers who employ more than 240,000 skilled workers and produce $80 billion in goods annually

Houston is a city that is rich in good schools, universities and colleges. The Houston Independent School District, the biggest in the Houston region, serves 213 square miles with 288 schools, 13,000 educators and in excess of 210,000 students. It is one of Houston’s biggest business ventures.

The Greater Houston area has 14 major institutions of higher learning. In 2011, U.S. News & World Report ranked BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE as one of the top 25 medical schools for research. University of Houston was chosen as one of the nation’s best colleges for undergraduate education by The Princeton Review in 2011.

The Houston Ship Channel is experiencing tremendous growth. The Houston region, the country’s No. 1 region for exports, is home to the largest petrochemical manufacturing complex in the Americas. Energy production and the export of crude oil, along with the increasing global demand for chemicals produced in the region, are major drivers of this success.

Largely because of petrochemical activity along the 52-mile ship channel, the nearly 200 private companies that make up the Greater Port of Houston have helped make the port the No. 1 U.S. port in foreign waterborne tonnage. Petroleum and petroleum products are leading import and export commodities. More than 200 million short tons of international cargo were handled in 2018 alone. The economic impact of the greater port nationally includes 3.2 million jobs, $801.9 billion in economic value and more than $38.1 billion in tax revenue.

Houston’s airports can boast two 4-star rated facilities, and now boasts the most “plugged in” airport in the world after the 2019 World Airport Awards results were announced by Skytrax today in London, England. Recognized as a leading global air transport rating organization, Skytrax awarded William P. Hobby Airport a 4-star rating for the fourth year in a row, while George Bush Intercontinental Airport earned its second straight 4-star rating.

Bush Airport ranked No. 5 in the world in the Top 10 Best Airport rankings for airports serving 40 to 50 million passengers. Hobby Airport ranked No. 9 in the world in the Top 10 Best Airports rankings for airports serving 10 to 20 million passengers, and earned the No. 6 ranking for the top 10 airports in North America. Houston remains the only city in the Western Hemisphere with two 4-star rated airports. The only other cities in the world with two 4-star rated airports are Tokyo and Seoul.

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