Some noise may be heard when walking on the 2nd story floor in a two-story home. This is a characteristic of multilevel homes.

Cracks in concrete (driveways, sidewalks, patios, and foundations) are likely to occur. They are usually not an indication of a construction deficiency and will not impair the intended use of the concrete surface.

The most common requests for home warranty service that are not covered under your warranty are listed below:

You will receive a paint touch-up kit that should be used for minor move-in nicks, scratches, and other cosmetic areas. Do not wash latex-painted walls. Simply paint over affected areas.

Shrinkage of caulk is normal and is a homeowner maintenance item. For best results, re-caulk interior and exterior areas regularly, especially wet areas.

Vinyl flooring is a soft product that can easily be damaged. Please inspect the vinyl floor carefully at the time of your walk-through.

Marble and laminate tops must be protected from sharp objects, heat and abrasives. Some markings may be apparent from the manufacturing process. Do not allow water to stand on countertop seams. Damage may occur.

Seams are almost always visible, and light affects the appearance of the seam. In a room with windows and/or glass door on one wall and no light source on the opposite wall, the carpet seam is often highly visible because of a shadowing effect.

As your home settles, hairline cracks may form in walls and ceilings, especially in corners. This is to be expected and is not the result of a defect in construction.

Unplanted yards can wash out with just one rainfall. Maintenance of established drainage pathways is a homeowner responsibility. Please look at the established drainage carefully with your construction manager at your walk-through.

Condensation of moisture on windows is not the fault of the windows. Condensation forms when the temperature of the glass drops below the dew-point as it relates to the humidity in your home. This can occur frequently when thetemperature outside is colder than the temperature inside (and vice versa).

Expect bricks to have some mortar stain. Repeated cleaning of brick may damage the intended finish. Cracks and chips are common to the product and not a sign of a defect.

Warranty Service Request

If any issue should arise after you move into your new home that is a warranty issue, please feel free to fill out a Service Request Form. One of our customer service representatives will contact you shortly thereafter.

Please describe your warranty request, one item at a time. Please provide much detail as possible on this item warranty request.